(O)wning the (W)aves (N)ext (L)evel


 Ownly Brand Co. Original Logo (formally creators ownly)

Our youth are always on the next level and hip to the next biggest thing.

Rabbit - it symbolizes imagination, good luck and fortune. Its an opening to vast realms and networks of new ideas.
Origami- the art of folding paper. No two origami's are exactly alike. This makes our design unique and intricate to details.
If you were to imagine Alice in Wonderland and you see the Rabbit is a creative genius with his imagination. The art of creative visions opens you up to your own Wonderland.

A Rabbit in Origami form symbolizes a clash of the two things Creators Ownly represents. Allowing us to be creative and endure good fortune. Showcasing our talents to open up your world of IMAGINATIONS. 

Ownly Brand Co. (reinvented logo)

As our brand changed over the years we wanted to grasp our audience with less focus on the logo and more focus on our brand and creativity. The rabbit was then changed to our current box logo. We kept our original meaning (of course) and added a motto to let everyone know who we are.

"We, Ownly Brand Co., the brand for the wavy. Forever curated for those who create. We are the masses and will never be out dripped. The only brand that matters."

At the end of the day, we still create shit and that's never going to change!

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